Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ornate Katana with Aura!

So after purchasing my KO aura, I thought it would be a really cool idea to use it with the Ornate Katana and here's how it turned out.
It was really cool and it was awesome until I lost connection. Apparently Jagex rushed this thing because I think they had an update, and that's why I lost connection. When I came back on here's how it looked:
Maybe I changed my graphics settings or something, but I'll look further into it,
                                                                   -Sir Sparticus-15

Loyalty Points are Here!

Well today was the moment we've all been waiting for! The release of the Loyalty points program! Sadly, however, Jagex had some technical difficulties and I had to wait to sign up, but I eventually did! Everything should be back up and running! Just sign up for the loyalty program at: http://www.runescape.com/
Once you have signed up, head over to burthorpe to check out the vendor named Xuan's shop!

Most of the loyalty items are on sale for a limited time, so get the items while you can! You can purchase a bunch of auras:
Oddball-Shoots odd items out of dwarven cannon.
Poison Purge-Cuts poison damage in half.
Friend in need-Summons party Pete to help you out.
Sharpshooter-Increases ranged accuracy by 3%.
Runic Accuracy-5% Greater chance of defensive spells hitting a target.
Surefooted-Prevents you from failing agility obstacles.
Reverence- Slows down prayer drain and increases prayer restoration.
Call of the Sea-Increases your chance of catching fish.
Knock-Out-Guarantees a finishing blow on an opponent if they are near death.(I got this one =P)
All of these auras are on sale for a short time for 400 loyalty points. The last aura, jack of trades, is still 15000 loyalty points, it makes you gain xp within 10 skills in 3 hours to recieve a bonus exp reward!
Auras have a really cool emote when being used, this green light appears around your weapon.

Auras, however are not the only reward to be had! You can also get some emotes! The emote Cat fight is 100 points, Talk to the Hand, Shake Hands and High Five are 400 points, and Face-Palm and Surrender are 750 points. Muscle-man, Levitate, Rofl, and Breathe fire are 1000 points, and storm and snow are 4000 points. Remember these are the ON SALE prices, the prices will rise later on.

There are also the costumes!
Each costume comes in 5 colors! There's the Dervish outfit for 100 points, the Eastern outfit for 400 points, the Saxon outfit for 400 points, and the Samba outfit for 400 points.

And that's not all!
You can Recolor your pet rock or Robin hood hat! Because of this, some people are now buying Robin Hood hats for over 10M! Pet rocks cost 100 points to recolor, and robin hood hats cost 400 points to recolor.

Last but not least are titles. Runescape did not tell us about these in the preview video, but basically they are a name that shows up before your name in chat. For example I am now Sir Sparticus-15. This isn't in friend chat, just if the person is actually next to you they would see Sir Sparticus-15. The title Sir cost me 100 loyalty points.

Big Cheese -25000

Jagex has confirmed that new loyalty rewards will be released in the future, such as higher tier auras that are much more powerful. After each consecutive month of membership you get more and more loyalty points for better rewards, so keep playing and have fun! 'Till Next Time,
                                                                                     -Sir Sparticus-15

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Loyalty Points, Auras, and More!

So Runescape announced that on June 28th, the loyalty points feature would be added to the game. What are Loyalty points you ask? Depending on how long you are a member, you will get an amount of Loyalty Points, with which you can buy amazing prizes  like the new Auras, the Aura equipment slot, costumes like the Dervish outfit, the Eastern outfit, the Samba outfit, and the Saxon outfit, and some really cool emotes that are probably worth getting after auras. Some of the emotes are: Rofl, Talk to the hand, Levitate (My personal favorite =P) and Strongman. So you may be asking "Okay, I get the costumes and emotes, but what the heck is an aura?" Well, nobody is really sure, but we'll know on June 28th, when I make another blog post. Here's the video that Runescape posted on youtube that shows a sneak peek of the auras, the costumes, and the emotes.
Disclaimer: I do not own and did not create this video.
Well that's all for now until June 28th!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ornate Katana!

So today I realized that I had run out of Runescape membership. I also looked at the Runescape homepage and saw that there was a game card promotion! Anyone between June 20th and July 10th who buys and redeems a 90 day membership card in the USA gets an untradeable in-game item! The item is a decorative sword called the ornate katana. The ornate katana has the same stats as an iron 2h, but it still looks pretty awesome! I went to Gamestop, bought a 90 day membership card, and redeemed it. The ornate katana was in my bank. If you lose your katana, you can reclaim it from Diango in Draynor Village.
Here are some pictures of the katana:

Well that's all for now!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey guys! I'm Sparticus-15 and I'll be posting runescape updates here!
My youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/sparticus15rs.
Keep on adventuring!